Short Biography: Roberto Juarez

A native of Los Angeles, Roberto Juarez was with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department from 1976 to 1991.  He was an outstanding undercover narcotics detective.  Juarez led the search warrant team which that recovered evidence that the CIA was involved with drugs going from Latin America to South Los Angeles.  He was one of deputies convicted in 1992 in the federal investigation of sheriff officers stealing recovered drug money.  Refusing to testify again his co-defendants, he received the most time.  Juarez served his time and has put that behind him.  Currently, he focuses on writing and connecting with his family.


Time Line

1945    Born; Grew Up in Boyle Heights
1954    Altar Boy
1965    US Army
1976    Joined Los Angeles Sheriff Department
1978    Undercover
1979    Patrol, Norwalk Station, Santa Fe Springs Area
1982    Undercover, Firestone
1983    PCP Task Force
1984    Major Crimes Three
1991    Big Spender Investigation.  Arrested
1992    Federal Prison
1996    Released from Prison
1997    Interviewed by Gary Webb for Dark Alliance

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1 Response to Short Biography: Roberto Juarez

  1. Lilia says:

    You should write a police novel about your experience.

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