“His Children’s Tears

“His Children”s Tears”

Why does he write in the loneliness of night

When the markings on the paper are hidden from the light

It is the voice of his soul that only he can hear, only he can feel

They are not words or sounds but feelings, difficult to express

Words fail to compliment the emotions

So the struggle begins, like a melody without words

He writes of a pain he carries still, the ink drips on the paper, like the blood of his life

He pours out his journey, the strife and the tears, hidden from the light

He writes for those he loves, that they may heed from his deed, and never share the shame  he brought to his name

An oath he did take, the oath he would break, a thief he became and others did the same

His oath to the state, a debt that he owed, he paid for in prison, much more than he owed

His promise to his children he could not mend, those that he loved loss more in the end

The words of his father he followed, “When you are in trouble you are always alone, no names will you give to lighten your load”, So alone he stood

He did not ask for mercy nor for compassion, his grandmother’s words he recalled with passion “A man stands on his feet, he goes to his knees only in prayer” He stayed true to her words

The nightmares and stain of prison are fading away, but the tears of his children he carries to this day.  In the quiet of night he still hears their sobs.


Roberto Juarez



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4 Responses to “His Children’s Tears

  1. Miriam says:

    Me gustó mucho tu poema, y el sentimiento que expresas en cada oración 👍😀😘

  2. Delmy says:

    Wow that poem was so moving

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