“A Dream”

“ A Dream”


My dream I share with you

Family, friend, stranger too

My dream, a sea of emotion

My conscious the reef

I ask you to think to reflect

I tell you all, nothing do I neglect

I stood in awe and wonder

What could this be? That such an endless crowd came to see

A massive cloud surrounded what I thought to be a stage

All walked towards it, yet no footsteps could I hear

They walked with purpose, drawn to their destination without hesitation

All races, men, women, their silence deafening

Their eyes fixed on what was before them

Their dress, a simple robe that covered them

The cloud covered all but the first five steps of marble

Only one railing was not in a shroud

Some in the crowd cradled an object in their hands

Not the same, but important I sensed, just the same

Still others walked with their hands pressed against their chest

With caution I sought out knowledge

The nearest to me I stopped, Where do these steps lead? What do some carry?

The woman looked at me, her eyes were clear, like those of a child in wonder

She replied softly, “We are going to see our God, we carry what was important in our life

Some carry a wooden box, the box that holds you in the end, some boxes hold wealth

Others hold possessions, still others anger, hate and blame.

The list is vast and varied as the people here that carry.

“The contents will be shown to Him, this is what we did with the life you gave us

Few carry nothing, for they possess that which cannot be held in a box

They carry love, only the heart can hold love

Some bring only this, the love that they gave and shared

Yet love still remains in their heart, love can not be owned, it can only be given

There is no end to love

Do you know God is there when the cloud blocks your view?

There is no cloud for those who walk.  We see our God for each has his own

What we believe will soon be shown


Roberto Juarez


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Find my book on amazon

My book is now available, thank you for your support.  Looking forward to hearing from you, feed back is always welcomed.


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“Lo Oscuro”

“Lo Oscuro”

Temo la noche

Temo que vendrá otra vez

En la oscuridad de mi recamara espero

No quiero que llegue el sueño

No quiero cerrar los ojos

Luchó para mantener los ojos abiertos

En fin me rindo, cerró los ojos y espero

De Repente la miro, alli al pie de mi cama

Lo oscuro ya no existe

Su presencia alumbra mi recamara

Su pelo color cafe

Sus ojos negros y sus labios color de rosa

Su sonrisa me quita el aliento

De pronto esta a mi lado

Su cabeza sobre mi pecho

Siento su calor, el olor de su perfume me encanta

No me dice quien es, ni porque está conmigo, noche tras noche

Por primera vez encuentro las palabras

“Quién eres”, “cómo te llamas”

“Soy tus sueños, me llamo Soledad y siempre estare con tigo”

Su respuesta

Roberto juarez

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true value

True Value

I had a dream, and in that dream I owned a pot made of gold.  While in that dream I grew thirsty. A man appeared and told me to take my pot to the spring and fill it with water to drink.  “No”, I said what if the water ruins my golden pot.

While still in that dream I grew hungry.  A woman appeared and told me to go to the fields and fill my pot with beans to cook for food.  “No”, I said again.  What if by cooking the food my pot gets ruined.

At last an old man appeared and told me to sell my golden pot and use the money to buy a pot that would be useful for living.  “No”, I yelled.  They will not pay me what it is worth.

My life ended in that dream and death separated me from my golden pot that I valued so much.

Be it true or a dream, we place value on things that are not useful or necessary and we only have one lifetime to find out if we are right as to what has true value

Written by Roberto Juarez


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Book Launch Event, Friday March 24, 2017

Fri, March 24, 2017
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From distinguished Deputy Sheriff, to disgraced federal prisoner, learn about Robert Juarez’ fall from grace and road to redemption, as he shares his story in “X Cop X Con- A True Life Story.”

On March 24th, join us for a book launch party, complete with delicious appetizers, cocktails, Q&A with author Robert Juarez, and book signing.

Tickets to attend the celebration launch are just $25 and include a signed copy of X Cop X Con, one cocktail, and appetizers. All guests are invited to stay for the DJ and dancing beginning at 10pm. Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the following link:


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Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of this journey!

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X cop/X con

I currently working on a book based on lectures I have given on police corruption.  I was involved in a corruption case in the late 1980’s and subsequently sentenced to federal prison.

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poem, sin ella

“Sin Ella”
by Roberto Juarez

Besos como una bebida fuerte
Que pasa sobre los labios
Y calienta el pecho
Ojos hermosos que prometen,
Inspiran, aman, y tal vez mienten
Pasion y amor, la mujer latina
Que como las olas del mar
Que llegan y acarician la arena
Esas mismas olas
Que pueden romper la tierra con su furia
Asi es ella
Porque me acerco, por que la busco
Como el mar que atrae el marinero
Asi esa sangre, esa passion, esa mujer
Me atrae
Me acerco, la tomo en mis brasos
Se rinde
Loco pueda que soy
Porque correr el riesgo que me rompa el corazon
Porque solo esta mujer puede, amarme,
Me llena, me completa
Loco fuera sin ella

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