“We Never Said, Goodbye”

“We Never Said, Goodbye”


The strong sense of certainty that comes with youth.  The knowing that when the school day would end, that the very next day you would see your friends again, not the slightest doubt would enter your mind.  Even at the end of a Friday it was always “I’ll see you at the party,” or “I’ll be by your pad on Saturday.”  But it was never “goodbye.”  At worst it was “I will see you on Monday.”


When in the sixties so many of us enlisted or were drafted for Vietnam, we never said “goodbye” to each other.  It was, “I’ll see you later, be careful” or “Don’t go and get married when you’re over there,” which always ended in a laugh. But we never said “goodbye.”


There was always that certainty that we would see each other again.  Now the certainty of time and illness have begun to call on friends.  Visiting them in the hospital is always with words of “get better,” “stay strong,” or “see you later, but never “goodbye.”


Friends are like family.  We never say “goodbye” to family because we have that knowing, that certainty, that faith, that no matter what separates us, we will see each other again.  We never say “goodbye.”  “I’ll see you later” or “save me a place so we can sit and talk, while we wait for the rest of the family and friends to show up.”  But never “goodbye,” because you never let go of someone that is good and that is a part of your life.  So I’ll never say “goodbye,” it’s too final, instead I’ll say,   “see you later,” God willing.


Roberto Juarez


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“Remembering Dad”

“Remembering  Dad”

You spoke so seldom

Your words were measured

Your timing priceless

Your wisdom shared

Your cautions given

You spoke so seldom

You said so much

How did you measure? How did you time?

Those chosen words

I heard from time to time

The years have shown me what I must know

To listen more that I may know

The time and measure of wisdom given

The cautious words from time to time

To help them grow, these sons’ of mine

Your voice I still hear, from time to time


Roberto juarez


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“Dear friend of mine”

“Dear friend of mine”


Our worlds are separate due to time,

But common ground has yours to mine.

Our bodies different, yours from mine.

But common is your pain to mine.

Bitter the wine that life has served,

Cold the cup that held the nectar,

Common the grape that made our wine,

Different the cup, but yet as cold.

Love and hate do bind the soul.

Body and heart are bound by pain.

I reach through time to take your hand.

Common our pain, but not the same.

We stood alone but for a time.

Take my hand, dear friend of mine.

Common the need that we must heed,

Precious the time to fill our needs,

So, take my hand, dear friend, indeed


Time again has done its’ deed

Alone again I stand indeed

Precious the moments we spent together

Priceless the memories I’ll have forever

Our worlds are separate, but not forever



Roberto Juarez


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your journey

“Your journey”


The signs are clear, the time is near

Fear to start, tears to follow

First step was yours, as was the choice

A step to start, what is the end

The choice is yours to start and end

Who to blame, not I you say

It’s someone’s’ fault that I’m this way

What will you take, what will you leave?

The choice is yours make no mistake

You leave your pride, you leave your shame

You lie and cheat, its all the same

You take no hope, you have your dope

You take the love that you denied

 You take our tears, you leave us fear

We wait for you at journeys end

The choice is ours from start to end

 Our love for you will never end

 A love denied, a love forsaken

Our love for you cannot be taken


By Robert Juarez







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“A Dream”

“ A Dream”


My dream I share with you

Family, friend, stranger too

My dream, a sea of emotion

My conscious the reef

I ask you to think to reflect

I tell you all, nothing do I neglect

I stood in awe and wonder

What could this be? That such an endless crowd came to see

A massive cloud surrounded what I thought to be a stage

All walked towards it, yet no footsteps could I hear

They walked with purpose, drawn to their destination without hesitation

All races, men, women, their silence deafening

Their eyes fixed on what was before them

Their dress, a simple robe that covered them

The cloud covered all but the first five steps of marble

Only one railing was not in a shroud

Some in the crowd cradled an object in their hands

Not the same, but important I sensed, just the same

Still others walked with their hands pressed against their chest

With caution I sought out knowledge

The nearest to me I stopped, Where do these steps lead? What do some carry?

The woman looked at me, her eyes were clear, like those of a child in wonder

She replied softly, “We are going to see our God, we carry what was important in our life

Some carry a wooden box, the box that holds you in the end, some boxes hold wealth

Others hold possessions, still others anger, hate and blame.

The list is vast and varied as the people here that carry.

“The contents will be shown to Him, this is what we did with the life you gave us

Few carry nothing, for they possess that which cannot be held in a box

They carry love, only the heart can hold love

Some bring only this, the love that they gave and shared

Yet love still remains in their heart, love can not be owned, it can only be given

There is no end to love

Do you know God is there when the cloud blocks your view?

There is no cloud for those who walk.  We see our God for each has his own

What we believe will soon be shown


Roberto Juarez


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“Lo Oscuro”

“Lo Oscuro”

Temo la noche

Temo que vendrá otra vez

En la oscuridad de mi recamara espero

No quiero que llegue el sueño

No quiero cerrar los ojos

Luchó para mantener los ojos abiertos

En fin me rindo, cerró los ojos y espero

De Repente la miro, alli al pie de mi cama

Lo oscuro ya no existe

Su presencia alumbra mi recamara

Su pelo color cafe

Sus ojos negros y sus labios color de rosa

Su sonrisa me quita el aliento

De pronto esta a mi lado

Su cabeza sobre mi pecho

Siento su calor, el olor de su perfume me encanta

No me dice quien es, ni porque está conmigo, noche tras noche

Por primera vez encuentro las palabras

“Quién eres”, “cómo te llamas”

“Soy tus sueños, me llamo Soledad y siempre estare con tigo”

Su respuesta

Roberto juarez

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