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FBI on Los Angeles Gangs

On their official website, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a multi-part story on Los Angeles gangs. A few days ago, they posted their fifth part that touches on how law enforcement agencies are evolving with the gangs. Excerpt The … Continue reading

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“crack in the system” documentary , book of poems,

News flash to my readers, in june of this year a documentary named “crack in the system will be shown at film festival.  this was done by Marc Levin and is about crack cocaine in the 80″s, my son Nicholas … Continue reading

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Changing Sentencing: Crack versus Powder Cocaine

One of the big impacts of the crack cocaine epidemic was in the courtroom:  crack offenders were imprisoned for much longer sentences that for equivalent amounts of powder cocaine.  This was changed in 2010 by the Fair Sentencing Act. Here … Continue reading

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Decrease use of cocaine and crack: Public Radio

National Public Radio had a good story on the decreasing usage of cocaine and crack.  They cover several different aspects of the drug trade:  consumers, culture, producers, and law enforcement. One change in the overall trade is how the Colombian … Continue reading

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Red Stains Dot the Neighborhood, poem excerpt

I recently came across an old Los Angeles Times article by Nora Zamichow from 1995 about gang crime in the Aliso Village Projects in Boyle Heights. The article reminded me of all the tragedies that occurred there in the 1990’s. … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters raised the alarm on cocaine connections

Congresswoman Maxine Waters raised the alarm about the allegations in Gary Webb‘s Dark Alliance.  The allegations were that the CIA was involved in cocaine trafficking in South Los Angeles with the profits going to Central American rebels. Waters has represented … Continue reading

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Dealers Yelling from the Sidewalk

An LA Times Article from 1987 talks about how some crack dealers were very open about there activities, as discussed by Inglewood Police Lt. Larry Carter.  “The sting, code named Operation 13, began March 13 on a stretch of 99th … Continue reading

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