The 60’s
by Roberto Juarez

Fort Ord it was, no further would i go
the job i was given, i did my best
My orders I followed with some regret
Sending my brothers, from Ord to hell
The look on their faces, all told the tale
Some no expression, others went pale
Some disbelief, others relief
All were but boys, to live the grief
Few I kept home, most I could not
Only the rich, controlled their lot
Rich daddys’ money found the right pockets
Gave life to their sons, away from the rockets
Men they came back, a story to tell
They tried to sleep, forget about hell


I took the devils hand
by Roberto Juarez

We walked to the land of the dammed
His nostrils flared and burned
He gave me powder to take my turn
A burning pipe held on blistered lips
He grinned and whispered, take your hit
From the ground he took a leaf
With one hand he rolled it round
He took the burning heart of one lost soul
And lit, his papered leaf to burn
With foul and toothless grin he said
“Take your turn, its good for the head”
I held his hand, the way he led
I can’t feel my head, my eyes look dead
My wealth is gone, my health is leaving
A roar he let, “no need for wealth when there is stealing
What good is health, you have no feeling
You made your choice, you took your turn
And now forever you must burn”
“You wanted what was on this land
You could have had the promised land”
He held my soul in his filthy hand
“Now take your turn or turn away
The hand you take will lead the way”
I dropped to my knees and looked away
“Dear Lord, take my hand and show me the Way”

2 Responses to Poems

  1. Diane says:

    God really did show you the way cousin, I pray you continue, in Jesus name.

  2. Diane says:

    I read your poems, they really touch on your life’s journey.

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