“A goal of life”

To own, this is the drive of many, the force that moves them.

To possess, property and in extremes, people.

Dictator, land owner, governments and common man or woman.

All have that driving force, that need that compels them to own.

A home, possessions, or someone to call their own.

This drive moves all to one final possession, that is left behind with all others.

A piece of land marked with a stone.

The most valuable possessions are forgotten in the struggles of life,

your soul and the memories you create for others

The memories of your good deeds you leave for others to possess.

They live in the minds and hearts of family and friends, long after we are gone.

Born with a soul that even death cannot take.  All else is temporary and fleeting.

Our soul needs not body or possessions for its journey.

Leave good memories that your soul may be at peace.

For no one that lives knows the journey of the soul.

roberto juarez




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