“Dear friend of mine”

“Dear friend of mine”


Our worlds are separate due to time,

But common ground has yours to mine.

Our bodies different, yours from mine.

But common is your pain to mine.

Bitter the wine that life has served,

Cold the cup that held the nectar,

Common the grape that made our wine,

Different the cup, but yet as cold.

Love and hate do bind the soul.

Body and heart are bound by pain.

I reach through time to take your hand.

Common our pain, but not the same.

We stood alone but for a time.

Take my hand, dear friend of mine.

Common the need that we must heed,

Precious the time to fill our needs,

So, take my hand, dear friend, indeed


Time again has done its’ deed

Alone again I stand indeed

Precious the moments we spent together

Priceless the memories I’ll have forever

Our worlds are separate, but not forever



Roberto Juarez


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