What can I tell you that hasn’t been told
So much to say now that I’m old
Taking your time growing, there is no rush
Play all you can and sleep as much
Read all you can, you’ll be surprised
What you will see beyond your eyes
Listen with your mind, but hear with your heart
Speak when you have to but always with thought
Always be ready to make a new friend
It maybe the friendship that never ends
Work is for all and all must work
Working on dreams is not really work
Dreams are for all, but all do not dream
Dreams have no limits, or so it seems
Dreams fill your mind with wonderful things
Learn how to dance and learn to sing
Learn how to make beautiful things
Learn to skate, instead of to hate
Never be angry for more than a minute
Laughing is better there is no limit
Mistakes you will make, but don’t hesitate
Mistake is the name of the steps you must take
To be the best that’s what it takes
Remember to pray and say thanks everyday
For all that you get and all that you kept
Learn to respect but never to fear
You’re never alone, God is near
Learn to love without any fear
Grandpa Robert

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2 Responses to “Tristin”

  1. Mark Gutierrez says:

    Hey Robert, I love to read your poetry and short stories. Chicken soup for the soul and a time for reflection. Great work 👍🏽

    Mark Gutierrez

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