“moms’ heart of gold”

“Moms’ heart of gold”

The young mother to be looked over all the gifts she had received for her first child. She wondered if she would be as good a mom as her mom was to her. Among all the gifts she found a small box with no tag to say whom it was from. She opened the box and found a spool of golden thread with a note that read. “Use this to mend the many breaks your heart will have as you watch your child grow, a broken heart for your child’s’ first fall, its’ first fever, its’ first day away from you, its’ first loss, its’ first love and its’ first tears. A break and a stitch, a break and a stitch, so many times so much to mend. Where will this all end. When after the child has grown and all the thread is gone, your child will see that within you glows a heart now covered in gold. The empty spool, you will now put back in its’ box and save it as a gift for your child, when the day comes when she will ask, “Will I be as good a mom as my mom was to me”, where the thread comes from I do not know, but a mothers heart will always glow.

Roberto juarez

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1 Response to “moms’ heart of gold”

  1. Miriam says:

    I loved your poem. As a daughter and mom it really touch my heart. : )

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