“What was not seen”

“What was not seen”

A mother comforts and cares
She sees to her sons’ every need, she is always there
She weeps openly out of love and pain
For every hurt her son sustains
Her love is evident for all to see
A mothers’ love can fill the sea
What of a father where is he?
When you were sick I looked in smiled and said
“It will only hurt for a little while”
When I told to fight your own fight and not to fear the night
“Where is he when I fight, where is his love this night of fright”
Clean your room, don’t stay out late, pick your friends carefully
No drinking no drugs, all these rules as if a King
A crown you placed upon my head, a crown that I did dread
Now I will tell you what you did not see, my tears for you could fill a sea
I wept alone when you were born, tears of joy of pride and sorrow
For I dreaded the many tomorrows
I prayed the path you chose would be filled with joy
A road much better for my boy
A boy a man my son has grown
Now I will tell you what must be known
The sound of sirens drove me insane, gun fire at night, filled me with fright
The tears in your eyes when I said no, a picture I wanted to forego
The crown I wore was heavy indeed, not of gold or covered with jewels
A crown of sweat and worry, covered with grief and fear is what I wear
What you could not see or hear was how I wept and prayed when you were not near
A father you will be, I pray your crown will be burden free
I pray the day comes when you will say, “my dad made me what I am today”

By Roberto juarez

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2 Responses to “What was not seen”

  1. Miriam says:

    I loved your poem, wow, I could appreciate your feelings and passion when you write. Te felicito Roberto, me gustó mucho tu poema. Miriam

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