Overturned Lamp: Poem by Pablo Neruda

Great poem excerpt from Pablo Neruda.

From “Juventud”/”Youth”

recesses that tempt through the vastness of houses;
bolsters asleep in the past, the bitter green valley,
seen from above, from the glasses’ concealment;
and drenching and flaring by turns, adolescence
like a lamp overturned in the rain.

los incitantes
sitios secretos de las casas anchas,
los colchones dormidos en el pasado, el agrio valle verde
mirado desde arriba, desde el vidrio escondido:
toda la adolescencia mojándose y ardiendo
como una lámpara derribada en la lluvia.

Link the Neruda’s Nobel Prize Page:  http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1971/neruda-poetry-youth_sp.html

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