“You Will Need More of Me” from La Bruja, story excerpt by Roberto Juarez

From “La Bruja”, a short story by Roberto Juarez

(A pregnant woman go to the Bruja for a beauty spell for her unborn daughter.)

When the woman was done making her request, the Bruja told her that there would be a price to pay for what she was requesting.  The woman told the Bruja that she had money and that if she did not have enough with her, she could get more, what ever the price she was willing to pay, “Lo que sea”, (what ever it is), said the woman.  The Bruja smiled and for the first time the woman felt uneasy, the Bruja’s smile was evil and menacing.  The Bruja spoke, “Quiero tus ojos” (I want your eyes).  An icy chill ran up the woman’s back.  “Pero como es eso” (but how is that), was the woman’s answer. I will tell you later was the Brujas response, but for now give me the amount that I will write on this paper.  The Bruja wrote an amount on a piece of paper and handed it to the woman.  The woman read the amount and started to go into her purse.  The Bruja stopped her.  She told the woman to pay her when the deed was done, when her child was born.  The woman agreed and got up to leave.   The Bruja walked her to the door and told her, “Vas ha necesitar mas de mi”, (you will need more of me).  The woman left and wondered what the Bruja had meant.

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2 Responses to “You Will Need More of Me” from La Bruja, story excerpt by Roberto Juarez

  1. Juana says:

    Scary!!! What happends next? I Love this title 🙂

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